Working from Bed Today

Thank you to all of my readers for all of your well wishes. I am still in bed recovering from a minor surgery with all these great craft ideas floating around my head that I can’t wait to get to. It’s just killing me not being in my craft room painting, sanding, or gluing; so what can I do? Come up with more craft ideas I can do once I am healed, of course! Here are some projects I am just dying to try, as well as some websites that have been keeping me entertained while I am laid up…

    1. Make your own Transferware!
      By the way the above image is actually a painting, I found when looking for an image for the link (I didn’t like the image on the webpage.) The artist has some beautiful still life paintings of transferware, teacups, and other household objects on his webpage.
    2. Restore metal outdoor furniture. I actually have a specific piece in mind, so stay tuned to see how it turns out.
    3. Pruning Blackberries. Just something I have been wondering about lately.
    4. Growing Blueberries. Looking foward to Spring!
    5. Something to do with all those extra canning jars!
    6. Create your own style on polyvore.
From Cocktail to Rockabilly


I hope these webpages keep you entertained until I can get back to cooking and crafting! Stay tuned! I’ll be back in no time!

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