Cocktail Time: Limey Rum-Martini

I think I have mentioned before that my hubby and I like to partake in a cocktail or two every now and then. Tonight is one of those times. It’s hot. We don’t have air conditioning. Dinner is cooking in the crock pot… outside, because it’s too hot to have inside. We needed something refreshing. I hit the booze cupboard to see what we had, entered the ingredients into google for a little inspiration and this is what I came up with. A cold, boozy, limey, rum-martini. Enjoy. It’s cocktail-thirty!

Limey Rum-Martini
adapted from Siesta Key Lime Martini
1.5 parts Silver Rum
1 part Orange liqueur
1.5 parts lime juice (~2 limes)
~1 c ice
superfine sugar for rim.

Run your lime around the rim of your martini glasses and invert in a saucer of superfine sugar. Set aside.
Combine all other ingredients in cocktail shaker.
Shake shake shake!
Pour into sugar rimmed glass.
Sip. Repeat.

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