Cake Truffle Memorials

Memorial day is just a week away! In our house that usually means camping and a 3 day weekend. For others it’s time to hit the beach and work on their tan. Unfortunately, we tend to forget the reason for this three day weekend. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, and even more so, of appreciation for those who have died in our nation’s service.

It has become a tradition in our family to attend a group camping trip and potluck every Memorial Weekend. This year I wanted to bring something patriotic to serve as a subtle reminder to our “fellow funsters” to be thankful for our  nation’s servicemen (and women) who make this weekend (and so many of our other freedoms) possible. Of course my first thought was some naturally red, white and blue foods like berries and whipped cream, but felt that had been overdone, plus there will be plenty of opportunity for that come Independence Day. I racked my brain over what Memorial Day meant to me, and how I could portray that through food. I thought I could decorate cupcakes with our services’ shields, but that wouldn’t travel well when camping. Then I remembered the Iwo Jima Memorial Statue and these cute little flag pics I found at the restaurant supply store a few weeks ago.

I wondered if I could make little cake pops in the general shape of the statue and stick the flag in at an angle. “What a great idea!” I thought. . . I thought wrong.

Sad little memorials. Hope you get a kick out of this pic. I sure did.

They just looked like someone’s horrible, failed attempt at a cake pop with a flag that refuses to stand up. I did however find my little cake truffles made an elegant little pedestal for a proud, high flying American Flag. You can pretty much use any of your favorite cake pop or cookie truffle recipes you have, then simply make the balls much smaller, poke them with a flag pic and dip them in almond bark or chocolate and you are good to go. In case you are in need of a tried and true recipe, I have included a few of my favorites below.

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend and remember to thank your fellow service men and women!

Grasshopper Cookie Truffles
Originally adapted from Six Sister’s Stuff, this deliciously refreshing mint cookie truffle is so easy to make you are never going to believe it, Ready?

1 pkg Keebler Grasshopper Cookies
4 oz cream cheese
1/4 tsp. Mint extract
1 3.5 oz Dark Chocolate Bar (60+%)
1 pkg Almond Bark – Chocolate flavor
2 TBLS Vegetable oil or shortening

Place cookies in food processor and grind/chop into fine crumbs, add cream cheese and extract and process until well combined and holds together like cookie dough. Pop in freezer to stiffen up a little while preparing workspace, chocolate coating and decorations.

Line cookie sheet with parchment paper and prepare any decorations you wish to use. Consider using finely chopped nuts, shaved chocolate or colored sprinkles. Chop almond bark and dark chocolate into small pieces, place in microwave safe bowl with oil or shortening. Microwave for 10 – 15 seconds at a time, stirring in-between, until melted and smooth. Remove truffle batter from fridge. Pinch off about 2 teaspoons at a time, rolling into a ball. Poke flag pick halfway into ball, dip in chocolate. Make sure chocolate comes over top of truffle and up the pick about a quarter inch. This will help secure the cake to the pick. Allow excess to drip off on it’s own while holding at a 45 degree angle. Once excess is removed, dip in decorations (if using) then set on parchment paper to cool and set up.

After the coating and decorations have set, you can place these in an airtight container and store in fridge up to 2 days or in freezer up to one week.

Orange Cream Dream Cake Pops
Follow cake and frosting recipes here.
Bake Cake in 13×9 pan, and then follow cake pop tutorial here. Make smaller cake balls and use flag pics in place of lollipop sticks.

Butter Yellow Cake Pops Follow link!


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