Bistro Table Makeover

Waste Not Want Not Wednesday Week 1: Bistro Table Makeover

It’s amazing what a can of “rattle can” paint can do, isn’t it?! I had grandious dreams of mod-podging the top of this table with bright colored paper, and then sealing it with weather proof seal. After some cleaning and painting, however, I was reminded why I wanted to salvage this old table in the first place. My husband wanted to throw the old bistro table away, because it had seen too many winters outside, but I knew it was structurally sound and just needed tome TLC to make it new again. The simplicity of the black metal and textured glass looks so classy, it really didn’t need any added color, thus making this makeover quite easy and simple.

Step one: Clean. I used a wire brush to scrub the metal and remove the surface rust. I used soft scrub and a scouring sponge to clean the built up gunk off the glass.

Step 2: Mask. Use painter’s tape to mask off all of the glass.

Step 3: Paint. Using a rust resistant outdoor spray paint (i.e.:Rustoleum) paint metal desired color.

Step 4: Dry. Allow paint to set 24 hours in a dry weather proof place, such as a garage or shop. If you leave it outside, dust and bugs may stick to the paint.

Step 5: Polish. Remove tape immediately after paint dries. Use adhesive remover to remove any left over adhesive (such as Goop Off) and polish glass with rubbing alcohol.

Step 6: Dress. Place potted flowers, tea cups, napkins and spoons on table and enjoy a cup of tea with your lover.

He he, that last step is totally optional, but it sounded good to me. Here are some pictures of the final product!

Have a seat!

The table looks so much better after a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint. And to think, my hubby was going to throw it out!

Had to throw in a picture of my new Noritake (Legendary) Sweet Leilani. I scored an entire service for 8 (minus two tea cups I plan to replace) at Goodwill for $40 I can’t wait to use them this Christmas!

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