5 Steps toward going ‘zero waste’ in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most essential places in the home characterized by high level of waste productions. However, you can manage the level of wastes produced in your kitchen in various ways to promote the ecofriendly nature of the environment. The five ways whereby you can manage and minimize the waste products from your kitchen are by shopping with re-usable containers and buying groceries in bulk. You can also set up a nice garbage disposal system in your backyard and make certain things from scratch to avoid packaging. Moreover, the disposable wastes could be discarded.

Details of the ways whereby you can manage wastes produced from the kitchen are

  1. Buy things that has recyclable packages

This is to ensure that wastes and refuses are minimized to zero level. You can buy the needed and essential articles in glass jars because you can easily wash, clean, and store them to be re-used in future. Most persons prefer shopping with glass jars, which are highly re-usable.

  1. Purchase foodstuffs in wholesales

When you purchase items in wholesales, you are buying them in re-usable packs, which is the ideal thing. This means that when you buy large quantities of stuffs, you are reducing the packaging, which is cheaper and much more ecofriendly.

  1. You can construct a nice refuse feed structure in your patio

The soil is in need of manures and fertilizers. Therefore, there is the necessity to recycle these household wastes from the kitchen in order to enrich the ecosystem. The refuse structures could be constructed as wooden boxes, plastic buckets and drums, or metal containers with lids to generate heat, which will enhance decay. You can introduce earthworms into the compost and refuse dump sites to enhance quick decomposition and disintegration.

  1. Prepare your meals and dishes from the beginning to avoid packaging

The idea of preparing some foods from the beginning is a welcome idea. This is because the process could be faster and less tedious in most cases. Some of the foods that you can prepare from the beginning are yoghurt, tinned fruits and vegetables, bread, cereals, and so on.

Yoghurt: This could be prepared in glass jars and containers. It could be mixed in few minutes and left for hours.

Tinned fruits and vegetables: This process looks like an assiduous task. However, if you can do it, you will enjoy fresh tastes for a longer time.

Bread: You can prepare the bread by yourself because most bread recipes can take about ten minutes of work, while you monitor the rising of the dough throughout the day.

Cereal: The grains could be stored in jars instead of buying them in non-disposable plastic bags.

  1. Discard the disposables

You do not have to reserve those paper napkins, paper towels, garbage liners, plastic wraps, disposable plates and cups from the kitchen stables, and aluminum foils. These ecofriendly items, which are recyclable, may appear attractive and you could be tempted to keep them but you have to recycle them to give the kitchen fresh look and neat appearance.

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